Not wanting to take the easy way out, when the time came to re-floor the entire pool facility here at Splash Palace we decided to do it without closing the facility. This project was challenging enough with over 2000m2 of surfaces to cover, but to also do it while remaining fully operational required a professional who could think outside the box. Fortunately FI Innovations was just the professional that we required and their work has exceeded our expectations in every way. The FI team put an incredible effort in from the world go, beginning with clearly communicating with us as the client and then providing practical and useful information for our customers. Communication with FI was not only excellent at a managerial level, but also with the team doing the work and our own poolside staff. This effort to go the extra mile saw them complete 90% of the work between 8pm and 5:30am, all whilst retaining their professional and pleasant work ethic and a quality and attention to detail that others could do well to learn from.

I absolutely recommend Gareth and his team!

–  Peter Thompson, Aquatic Services Manager Southland Aquatic Centre, Splash Palace Invercargill