Sheep milk what?

Sheep milk production is one of the activities at Blue River Dairy’s Invercargill factory. They stop over Christmas, so the company asked FI Innovations to do some mid-season upgrades.

A few days before Christmas, our flooring crew descended on Blue River Dairy. Over 2 days the boys ground, spot-filled and sealed the concrete floor of the infant formula ‘can packing’ room. Finally they laid a durable surface of non-slip, hygienic Sikafloor epoxy resin. Everyone was relieved to finish on Christmas Eve, so they could join their families for a well-earned holiday.

Check out our YouTube video showing this flooring project. Credit to Royce’s time-lapse and video editing skills.

Blue River Dairy began 10 years ago as a specialist sheep milk company, producing infant milk formula and cheeses. Feta, haloumi, cheddar and pecorino are their specialties. They have since expanded into China exporting a range of infant nutrition products based on goat, cow and sheep milk.

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Flying Disc Fanatics

Disc golf has arrived in town. Did you see all the players in Queens Park on that wet April weekend? Multitudes of frantic disc golfers braving the weather to fling flying discs around an 18 ‘hole’ course.

The inaugural Invercargill tournament was hosted on 21-22 April by Disc Golf South, a new sports club formed last year.

Gareth, our Managing Director, is a keen disc golf man. He loves the challenge of aiming his favourite flying disc (sorry, it’s no longer called a “Frisbee”) to land in each purpose-built metal ‘tee’ basket.

Club President, Marty Conway, commented “What an awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone that took part, to all the helpers, to our funders and sponsors and to the local organisations that helped us along the way. 98 players from around the country took to the course, which is a record number for these tournaments in NZ!”

FI Innovations staff made each of the spinning carbon fibre discs for the spectacular trophies. Ocean Shell from Riverton crafted the wooden stands and added the paua shell detail. 

Check out the photos of these masterpieces.

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FI Innovations Splash Palace Solution

“The anti-slip flooring of Invercargill’s city pool complex was in need of a major overhaul.  Normally that would mean closing our doors to the public.  However, FI Innovations came up with a night-time solution that meant the pool could stay open throughout the full 2000m2 flooring refit.

The decorative anti-slip Rhino Armafloor not only provided a durable, grippy surface, but it was patterned to show walkways and words.  Contrasting colours were used for walkways,  while instructions such as ‘PLEASE WALK’ were embedded into the finish.

Best of all, everyone got to keep their cool, even though it was a record heat wave summer.

The FI team put in an incredible effort from the word go, consistently going the extra mile.  They retained a pleasant manner, professional work ethic and attention to detail that others could do well to learn from.  I absolutely recommend Gareth and his team.”

– Peter Thompson, Aquatic Services Manager, Splash Palace

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