Endurabond / Enduragrip

Endurabond CR  – 100% solids epoxy. Excellent chemical/abrasion resistance and heat resistant to 50◦C. Suitable for:

  • patch repairs
  • self-levelling floor topping
  • cove installation

Endurabond 200 – 100% solids epoxy. Excellent abrasion resistance and suitable for areas mentioned above.

Endurabond 300 ECO – Water-based epoxy. Low gloss, egg shell finish available in non-slip in a range of colours.

Endurabond 400 UHB – 100% solids epoxy. Contains non-slip aggregate in a range of colours

Enduragrip – Formulation resin system. Top performance high friction, coloured surfacing treatment. Suitable for:

  • municipal and transit roads
  • footpaths and pedestrian traffic islands
  • bridges
  • car parks
  • distribution depots
  • marine ramps, pontoons, decks, link spans, loading areas, etc
  • aviation hangar floors, baggage handling, food production, etc